StarPoint launches SP9020 for mobile terminal production test
date:2021-06-05  from:StarPoint
2021 May 18th, Dongguan, China – Today in 2021 CMM Electronics Manufacturing Automation Exhibition, the product director of StarPoint, Mr. Yuan Wu, addressed a keynote speech titled “One-stop shop testing solution for terminal production: multi-mode, customizable, accurate and efficient". Mr. Wu, by comprehensively presenting his understanding of the challenges in terminal manufacturing in the era of new wireless technologies, officially announced the commercial launch of SP9020, the new generation of manufacturing tester for terminal production. Also at the exhibition, an SP9020 instrument, for the first time in public, was showcased in StarPoint's booth.


The launch of the non-signaling manufacturing tester SP9020, which replaces existing SP9010, is a significant milestone that StarPoint has reached based upon its long-term accumulation of technical expertise. It is closely in line with StarPoint’s strategy of continuous expansion in the field of test and measurement and accomplishes StarPoint’s product portfolio of testing solution for terminal product life cycle from design, R&D, certification to production.
SP9020 has completed multi-mode calibration and comprehensive test function verifications with mainstream chip platforms, together with batch verification in well-known manufacturing factories based in China. Moreover, SP9020 has been through production line accuracy and efficiency comparison and the test results outperform the similar instruments from domestic and international suppliers under the same environment and configurations.
● Multi-mode Multi-band support
SP9020 supports all cellular technologies of 2/3/4/5G, C-V2X, and noncellular technologies e.g. Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS/BEIDOU, IoT of NB-IoT/Cat M1/Zigbee/Lora etc. It integrates RF signal generation and RF analysis functions, combining broadcast and List mode technology, ARB technology and parallel test technology. It can realize the maximum throughput of production line and is ideal for production calibration and verification.
● Flexible and Customizable
SP9020 supports general test, ping-pong test, MUTEX/SYNC and Smart Channel test scenarios. A single instrument can work as 8 conventional instruments, running ping-pong tests for multiple terminals and connecting multiple antenna ports of one terminal for serial test.
● Accurate and Efficient
SP9020 features high measurement precision, thanks to the carefully designed level, frequency and temperature compensation techniques. SP9020 also provides extraordinary flexibility (with 9 ports, supporting vertical or horizontal installation) in a small space while maintaining active cooling, which is ideal for fully automated production lines.
The successful launch of SP9020 represents the breakthrough of independent technology in Chinese mobile communication industry in production-oriented instruments and further strengthens the leading position of StarPoint for its terminal test technology innovations and product development. StarPoint, as always, is committed to delivering high quality services and high value product solutions for the domestic and overseas manufacturing markets.
About StarPoint
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