5G Test Solutions

In the future, 5G mobile communication technologies will expand its services to three main application scenarios, namely eMBB, mMTC and uRLLC. While the new technology characteristics like edge cutting technologies, super-high speed, mmWave make three target application scenarios possible to realize, they also bring tremendous new challenges for terminal designing and realization. StarPoint can provide full 5G terminal testing solutions, which can assist the 5G chipset/terminal/module manufactures to validate their design in the earliest possible time, accelerate R&D progresses and improve product performance and stability.

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Solutions

IoT technologies aim to connecting everything to the network, where the thing could be any terminal today adding an IoT capability. The typical IoT applications include smart city, intelligence logistics, smart home, intelligent building, Internet of things of agriculture and so on, making the demands of low power consumption, broad coverage and massive connections. How to ensure the IoT terminal quality and then to reduce the maintenance cost in later stage has been a tough task chipset/module/terminal/application manufactures have to face for a long time. StarPoint can provide full terminal testing solutions for IoT technologies especially for NB-IoT and eMTC, which will definitely offer safeguard for the healthy development of IoT ecosystem.

Measurement Fundamentals

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