5G Test Solutions

In the future, 5G mobile communication technologies will expand its services to three main application scenarios, namely eMBB, mMTC and uRLLC. While the new technology characteristics like edge cutting technologies, super-high speed, mmWave make three target application scenarios possible to realize, they also bring tremendous new challenges for terminal designing and realization.

StarPoint can provide full 5G terminal testing solutions, which can assist the 5G chipset/terminal/module manufactures to validate their design in the earliest possible time, accelerate R&D progresses and improve product performance and stability.

Chipset/Terminal/Module R&D

StarPoint 5G terminal testing solutions can simulate full functions of 5G/LTE access network and core network, and support 5G NR SA/NSA versions and various different network architectures. These solutions are pivotal to assist R&D departments of 5G chipset/terminal/module manufactures to quickly validate the software and hardware design through the complete R&D life cycle and further enhance R&D schedules.

Communication Test Set
Protocol Analyzer [Coming soon]

Chipset/Terminal/Module Testing

Testing is essential to guarantee 5G chipset/terminal/module products’ quality and stability. StarPoint 5G terminal testing solutions are the best tools of likes for testing teams of chipset/terminal/module manufactures to validate product functions and performances, as well as software and hardware version regression tests.

Communication Test Set
RF/Protocol/RRM Conformance Test System
Global Regulatory RF Test System
Protocol Analyzer [Coming soon]

Global Certification and Validation

Both GCF and PTCRB are international validation organizations jointly established by global operators, terminal manufactures and instrument manufactures, in order to guarantee global interoperability. Terminals are supposed to pass GCF/PTCRB validation in order to access the market in EU, USA etc. StarPoint’s powerful 5G terminal testing platform is the first choice to support terminal international certification and validation for global GCF/PTCRB labs.

Communication Test Set
RF/Protocol/RRM Conformance Test System
USIM/USAT Test System

Quality Certification

Many countries and regions have strict regulations and certification processes to allow telecommunication products to access domestic markets, such as Network Access Test of CTTL and Terminal Type Approval Test of SRTC in China. 5G terminal testing solutions provided by StarPoint can support 5G terminal market access test for National regulatory Authorities all over the world.

Global Regulatory RF Test System for China
Global Regulatory RF Test System for CE/FCC/MIC


Most operators have specific testing requirements for terminals that will access to their networks, in order to validate communication quality and capability of terminals and to guarantee the stability of network environment. StarPoint can provide full range of 5G terminal testing solutions to support Operators’ Purchasing Test worldwide.

NSIOT Test System
USIM/USAT Test System
Power Consumption Test System
High Speed Railway Test System

Factory Production Line

For chipset/terminal/module manufactures, it is always their top prioprty to assure the product conformance between factory productions and R&D prototypes and find product communication quality problems before delivery, although it has been proved not easy at all. StarPoint offer our 5G terminal manufacturing testing solutions and customized services that are purposely designed to help our customers ease their concerns and ensure the conformance during the manufacturing process.

Communication Test Set for Factory