StarPoint Won China Mobile Device Company’s First Tender for 5G Test Instruments
date:2020-06-02  from:StarPoint

China Mobile Device Company announced on 27th November 2019 by that its first tender for 5G test instruments was concluded and one of the two winners of the tender was Beijing StarPoint Technology Company Limited, who was selected as the only supplier for 5G terminal Protocol Conformance testing system and 5G terminal RF & RRM Conformance testing system.

With rapid market and commercial developments of 5G system deployment and more 5G mobile phone models planning to release to the market, China Mobile is committed to building an efficient and complete 5G terminal test and certification facility with its industrial partners to speed up the scale of 5G terminal rollout. This instrument tender of China Mobile Device Company is to provide test support for 5G terminals’ research and development and quality assurance. As one of the first test instrument suppliers working with China Mobile, StarPoint is the only Chinese supplier with full-fledge 5G testing solutions. The winning of this tender makes StarPoint stand out from many well-known international suppliers, and also signals a clear recognition and appreciation from China Mobile Device Company to StarPoint’s 5G testing solutions.

StarPoint’s SP9500 is an innovative and powerful all-in-one 5G terminal test platform which can support two 5G network modes, namely Stand-Alone (SA) and Non-Stand-Alone (NSA), at the same time. One SP9500 system can support test of protocol conformance, RF conformance and Radio Resource Management conformance. Furthermore, the SP9500 call-box is able to analyze the RF characteristics, conduct power consumption, throughput tests and other test application scenarios required to assure 5G terminal quality. Sp9500 has three leading protocols, radio frequency and RRM in the industry In addition, sp9500 can also support OTA, EMC, SAR system integration, and can be used as the preferred tester for many chip, terminal manufacturers and Certification Laboratories. Recently, at the GCF CAG ා 60 conference, the Star River sp9500 exclusively activated the SA N79 and NSA b3-41 band WI for China Mobile 5g commercial band, marking the maturity of 5g terminal test cases and our testing platform.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this month, StarPoint also won two packages of China Mobile Research Institute’s tender for 5G terminal testing solutions, i.e. the Communication Test Set and 5G terminal RF and RRM conformance test system, which is also the first tender of China Mobile Research Institute for 5G test instrument. The successful winnings in China Mobile group’s tenders reflects the industry's high recognition of StarPoint’s 5G testing solutions. Thanks to the tremendous support and trust of the partners throughout the industry, StarPoint is committed to meeting the expectations of the public, continuing to play the craftsman spirit of excellence and always regarding the customers’ needs as the first priority.